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SEEDS is a Non-Governmental Organisation working for the upliftment of rural farming community through number of available avenues like promoting voluntarism, Networking with existing grass root level farmer and women forums, reaching out various department of State and Central Government, Banking and Non-banking Institutions, Linking with local and national level marketing systems, Establishing resource outlets etc., We believe knowledge sharing and transparent administration will fedge good results that will take us in to the next level. At this time, I thank all our donors, supporters and well wishers.

We welcome you all to give a hand in the ROAD OF FUTURE DEVELOPMENT. 

Supporting Farmers

The Organisation SEEDS was formed for the upliftment of social and economical status of Small and Marginalized farmers by integrating through Farmer Producing Organizations (FPOs). The FPO will serve the farmers to avail pre and post-harvest support like capacity building trainings, quality seed, micro-finance, fertilizer and pesticide inputs and marketing techniques from the State and Central Government, Banking and Non-banking financial institutions.

Supporting Women

Empowerment of Women is another important area for the Society. We promote women Self Help Groups (SHG) in rural, organise regular meetings to understand their role in both family and in society, initiate thrift and credit programs and make them participate in special projects for economic upliftment and self-reliant.

About Us

Mr. SD. Pandian with his vast experience in promoting Gandhian thoughts, initiated community development activities with the help of like-minded individuals in and around Virudhunagar Districts of Tamil Nadu. He has associated himself with Sarvodaya Movement of Acharya Vinoba Bhava for more than two decades. His father and grandfather also played an active role in the Movement. To strengthen their services better “Social Education Economical Development Society” (SEEDS) a not for profit organization founded in the year 1995 and registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975.

Our Vision

‘’SEEDS envisages, a society, where poor and marginalized women are socially, economically developed with environmental consciousness and gender equity; and the children enjoy their childhood’’

Our Mission

’Enabling the poor and marginalized families by organizing themselves, and facilitating their empowerment process to achieve their socio economic development through a process of organization, institution building, and effective participation’’



Stories of change

Stories of change

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