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Message from the Founder

SEEDS was created for the upliftment of socio- economic status of Small and marginalized farmers, by integrating the farmers thro Farmer Producing Organizations (FPOs), to avail pre and post-harvest support from the State and Central Government Schemes, banks and financial institutions.

S.D Pandian

Supporting Farmers
By promoting Farmer Producing Organizations (FPO), SEEDS have networked farming community and helped them realize all the support from Government Schemes to improve agriculture in rural Tamil Nadu. The collective representation of the farmers has resulted in better access to pre- harvest and post-harvest support from banks, financial institutions and government agencies.
Supporting Women
Empowerment of women is achieved through community credit program. Self Help Groups (SHG) have been created by SEEDS in the rural areas and they are used to implement social projects for the economic upliftment and self-reliance of women.

About Us

SOCIAL EDUCATION ECONOMICAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY ( SEEDS ) was founded in 1995 by S.D Pandian, a Sarvodaya worker. He is a social worker engaged in rural development activities for 3 decades. He realized the need for organized development of the society and established SEEDS, the nonprofit organization in 1995. Ever since SEEDS has successfully implemented innumerous social projects and networked farmers for the promotion of agriculture in rural India. Read More

Our Vision

‘’SEEDS envisages, a society, where poor and marginalized women are socially, economically developed with environmental consciousness and gender equity; and the children enjoy their childhood’’

Our Mission

’Enabling the poor and marginalized families by organizing themselves, and facilitating their empowerment process to achieve their socio economic development through a process of organization, institution building, and effective participation’’


Stories of change

Stories of change

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