Empowerment of Women

Under this programme, SEEDS facilitate credit assistance to promote various livelihood activities by the women members. The credit assistance availed by women folk is utilized to sustain Agriculture and Allied Activities, Petty Traders, Vendors and Business, Micro Enterprises, and Self Employment Activities like tailoring etc.

CCP brings a transformation in the life of our target women. They get good income from their livelihood activities, enhancing both the family and community status. They gained better knowledge and experience in Family budget. Their children are progress well in their education and many of them entered in to higher education. The practice of Child Labor is reduced. The influence of money lenders is reduced. Participation of women in the meetings of Grama Sabha has increased. They play their role effectively in many social activity programmes

Empowerment of Women Artisans in Hand Embroidery

Under the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, SEEDS implement the handicrafts program from the year 2012 to enhance the life of women artisans in our targeted area. Handicrafts constitute an important segment of the decentralized/unorganized sector of our economy. It is mainly rural based, having reach in backward and inaccessible area. Originally, started as a part time activity in rural areas, it has now transformed in to a flourishing economic activity due to significant market demand over the years. Baseline survey was completed in Aruppukottai and Kariyapatti Block to find out the potential

Women Artisans in Hand Embroidery. Through the survey SEEDS selected 305 women artisans and ID cards and health cards issued to them. Further we plan to provide skill development training and Design Development workshop to the selected participants to enhance their skill in the latest embroidery design. Under the RGSSBY scheme, 9 artisans got insurance benefit for the amount of Rs. 22379/-

SEEDS realizing the strength of CBOS, organize SHG – Self Help Groups for strengthening their functions. There are 760 SHGs functioning in the reporting year. They have been facilitated by SEEDS for establishing linkage with banks and other financial institutions. Further they are empowered in understanding functions of Government and other key departments, pertaining to their socio-economic welfare.

The Hunger Project

THP activities are also categorized under women Empowerment by SEEDS. THP emphasis in ending poverty through empowering women. In the year 2013, SEEDS associated with THP, carried out programmes on mobilizing and capacitating

EWR Elected Women Representatives of local bodies. The EWRs are facilitated in building their leadership, administering village panchayat, drafting perspective plan and interfacing with government officials for better mobilization of funds and other resources for their village panchayats.THP sanctions SWEEP – Strengthening Women’s Empowerment in the Electoral Process.

The Government of Tamil Nadu announced that 50% of reservation to women in local bodies.In this context the role of SEEDS is involved in strengthening women’s political participation. The EWR’s joined together and formed their own federation namely ‘MuzhaKamI. It is a platform functioning at Union, District and State level for making Intervention to End Violence Against Women (VAW), to influence policy making on women, and decentralization of power.

Major Activities of THP

  • Federation Meetings
  • Need Based Workshop
  • Media Workshop
  • Convention
  • Violence Against Women Campaign