Mr. Vellaisamy aged 63 is a small dry land farmer belonging to the remote Nandhigundu village of Virudhunagar District in Tamil Nadu.

Like Vellaisamy, majority of farmers depends on the money lenders who provide short term credit for higher rate of interest and start purchase for over pricing the local fertilizer and pesticide products for agricultural purposes.

In the year 2017, he joined in the SEEDS Farmer Producer Organization (SEEDS FPO) consists of more than 1500 small and marginal farmers practicing sustainable agriculture. He became aware about various welfare schemes of farmers and leant new techniques through local farmers group.

He started good returns from pesticide-free Black gram cultivated from two and a half acres. He sold his products through the FPO which directly procured the farmer’s commodity at the farm gate itself with the vision of RIGHT WEIGHT AND RIGHT PRICE.

In this way Mr. Vellaisamy able to avoid expensive chemical fertilizer, the middle man commission, transport cost etc., moreover he gained more by getting right price.

I thank the SEEDS Farmer Producer Organization SEEDS FPO for make my life change and I will be an instrument to change my neighbour’s life — He said