Watershed Sanction amount – 1, 16, 54,150
Watershed Total area – 2264.5 Ha
Total no of farmers Directly Benefited through the activity – 660

The following table shows the details


1Name of the WatershedPisindi Alagianallur watershed
2Date of FIP Sanction23.1.2013
2(A)FIP Sanction Amount11654150
2(B)TAWDEVA Portion Amount5827075
3Number of installments received3
4Total Sanction Amount11654150
5Amount Received from TAWDEVA5827075
6Total Expenditure0
7Amount given to vwc4837915
8Amount given to NGO/PFA989160
9Expenditure under the following Head
9 (A)Area Treatment3364307
9 (B)Drainage Line Treatment448828
9 (C)Training & Demonstration161959
9 (D)Livelihood for Landless Farmers & Woman362500
10Total Maintenance Fund Collected27300
11Number of SHG's fomed25
12Number of SC Families benefitied25
13Total Number of Mandays generated2405
14Amount paid for unskilled labour for all the works done1809166.379
15Number of Farmers benefited70
16Treatment measure details to be furnished-
16 (A)Total Area Treated in Ha490.435
16 (B)Number of Farm Ponds created26
16 (C)Number of Check Weir constructed2
16 (D)Field bunds created in Cubic meters30105.96
17Total number of visits to the watershed by JDA in FIP stage2
S.NoName of the WorkCompleted UnitsNo.of Farmers CoveredNo.of acres CoveredOutcome in Details
1Field Bund (Drange Cum Bund)33600 cum440705Soil Erroson & Maijor increase, water taple increased, Cultivation 30% increased after our intervention
2Farm PondNo's 2466 cum32224Soil Erroson & Maijor increase, water taple increased, Cultivation 30% increased after our intervention
3Agro ForestryNo's 6670458090% plant survival
4Agro HorticultureNo's 2175323290% plant survival
5Dry land HorticultureNo's 1250303090% plant survival
6Weil Recharge PitNo's 55105 Well rain water harvest and water taple increased
7Deepening of Oorani1874.98 CumCommon land40Soil Erroson Maijor control and Water taple increased, 20 well water taple increaseds
8Sunken pond1075 CumCommon ChennalSoil Erroson & Maijor increase, Water taple increased, 20 well water taple increased
9check wire (10m Span)2 UnitComman Land3315 well water recharged
10Loose Rock check Dam78mCommon ChennalSoil Erroson Major control and water taple increased, 20 well water taple increased
11Landless Women Development Component
11(A)Goat Rearing-227-Goat Rearing
11(B)Dairy Development-274-Dairy Development
11(C)Training and Demonstration-274-10 Trainings Completed
11(D)Productivity Enhancement-3 Demo Unit-15 nos of farmers triplication completed
12(E)Maintenance Fund-352-Fund collected from Farmers and maintain separate A/C