Muthupoornam aged 35 forced to discontinue her education from 5th standard to lookafter her brother and married to her own maternal uncle Mr.Ganeshpandi in the same native Thirumalipuram village. Balu always interested to participate in the political meetings wherever held rather than employment, which makes Muthupoornam often return to her mother’s home after quarral with her husband.

. The women group functioning in the village organised by the SEEDS NGO provided counselling, added as member of the group and motivated to participate in the savings scheme.

The group meetings of the SHG were an eye opener to Muthupoornam which makes her self adjusted to the situation and actively participated in the leadership and micro credit trainings. These knowledge and experiences motivated her to become a shareholder in the RAMANAR Farmer Producer Company Limited which further created confident to start rearing a milk cow as an Income Generation Program. The RAMANAR FPCL supported with the credit limit of Rs.40,000.

Initially she gets 7 to 10 litres of milk and selling in the cooperative milk society available in her village itself. The milk production not only increased the total income of the family but also fulfilled the nutritional need of their children. In the long run, rearing cow has created softness, calm, and helping tendancy within Muthupoornam and made understnd her husband to give priority to the family rather than politics. Now with the support of her husband, she is successfully running an Integrated Farm with 3 cows, 2 goats, 10 country breeds of hen and some tree plants in their backyards.

Muthupoornam always remember the importance unity among women and become the role model for women who overcome the CRISIS.