SEEDS Nationwide Movement Towards the Elimination of pesticides

SEEDS Promoted FPO’s nationwide movement on sustainable farming through the adoption of NPM practices by the farmer.

About 85% of India’s landholdings belong to the small and marginal category. Agricultural markets are often heavily tilted against smallholder farmers due to the remoteness of their locations, relatively small surplus and the challenge of achieving economies of scale. Such structural constraints make it imperative for smallholder farmers to come together and organize themselves for better market access and favorable terms of exchange. Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) have emerged as one such credible institutional platform where smallholder farmers collectively market their produce.​

At SEEDS, we connect FPOs that promote NPM with organized retail markets. Based in some of the toughest geographies of India, SEEDS Promoted FPOs work with the most marginalized of farmers. By connecting these farmers with organized markets, we address pressing problems of the economy and the environment.