Mrs. Mariammal wife of Sakarai Thevar, a small dry land farmer with their two daughters living in a village called Melathulukkankulam of Virudhunagar District.

Since they depend on rainy season they usually cultivate pules like green gram and millets which takes 6 months in a year. Another 6 months they become as daily wage labor to run their family.  When the SEEDS organize an awareness meeting about the Farmers Producing Organization (FPO) at her village, she attended along with her daughters and interestingly joined in the FPO as a member.

With the support of farmers of the village SEEDS able to construct nearly 3 Watershed in the village with the financial support of the NABARD.

When Mariammal family finds crucial poverty situation, a ray of hope entered into her life by change of agricultural pattern. Yes, with the support of watershed system established near her land she able to cultivate Cotton this year and her land yielded nearly 40% excetra production than she expected.

The SEEDS FPO also encouraged farmers to cultivate Cotton without using synthetic pesticides which increases the quality of the product.

The same year the SEEDS FARMERS PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED  started purchasing their Cotton 10% price higher than the local market, which avoids expenses like middleman, commissions, transport etc.,

Now Mariammal feel so happy, relieved from the clutches of moneylenders and able to send her daughters for higher studies.  She is capable to increase her cultivable land to some more acres since the SEEDS FPO can start purchasing larger quantity.