A Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) is a legal entity formed by primary agricultural producers. A FPO can be a producer company, a cooperative society or any other legal form which provides for sharing of profits/benefits among the members.

The main aim of FPO is to ensure better income for the producers through an organization of their own. Small producers do not have the volume individually (both inputs and produce) to get the benefit of economies of scale. With the experience gained through various projects under NABARD, SEEDS have facilitated farmers of various districts and helped to start the following Farmer Producer Organization’s.    

SEEDS  organisation is one of the anchor partner of Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation (BRLF) since 2019 covering 1 lakh farmers  in 8 States of India to work with “Improving market Readiness of small holder Farmers practicing Non-Pesticide Management of Agriculture

There is a good marketing scope for organic farm products in which small and marginal farmers can find remunerative price. SEEDS motivate the farmers to practice organic farming free of chemical in-puts that can save the hand out money.  More than 60% farmers follow the practices while dry land cropping.  We have been motivated our FPOs to involve in trade organic produces through Companies like SAFE HARVEST.    

The farmers are being empowered with Mobile phone devices with new apps to get required information like land and cropping pattern, climate condition etc., with the aim of dissolving farming issues and marketing in-puts. Digitalizing efforts helped the farmers to fore cost the production of pesticide and non-pesticide produces and promote marketing demands.


During the celebration of two decades of our sustained efforts in working along with the community on participatory manner, SEEDS has been gained more recognition and selected as a RESOURCE INSTITUTION by the Small Farmers Agriculture Consortium (SFAC) by the Ministry of Agriculture Govt. of India and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) for Promoting Producer Organization.

SEEDS is impaneled by the TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and our Institution becomes an active member of Virudhunagar District Irrigation Committee.

These appreciations remind us to be more committed to implementing projects very effectively.

Major Role of Resource Institution

  • Promoting and Strengthening of Farmer Producer Organization
  • Appoint of Chief Executive Officer for FPOs
  • Organizing Capacity Building Training
  • Monitoring the progress of various programs
  • Pay out Staff Salary and Grant transfer
  • Collecting and Compiling of Reports
  • Governance and Internal Auditing