SEEDS have implemented 7 watershed program benefiting 35,000 people covering an area of 2,655 Hectares at a cost of Rs. 18,076,631.

the farmers able to cultivate only one or two crops in a The major working area of SEEDS is under rain fed through which year. During the summer the land will become fallow. This situation influences the socio-economic status of the people of this region. Hence SEEDS has given priority to work on the Watershed Development activities. From the year 2011, we have been developing water harvesting systems like checkdams, farm ponds, deepening of ooranis, channel renovation, field bunds, bush clearance, levelling and tree plantation in five village Panchayats in the Kariapatti Block of Virudhunagar District with the support of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and Tamil Nadu Watershed Development Agency (TAWDEVA). 

The establishments of water harvesting systems have helped to recharge the open well and drinking water borewells which ultimately improve the water capacity of the cultivable lands leading increase in the cropping system and cropping pattern.

WATERSHED Development Program Village Wise Data

Pisindi Alagiyanallur Watershed

WATERSHED Development-1
Pisindi Alagiyanallur Watershed Project Details,Programe Starting, Description of the Project, Funding Agency and Result Achived

Climate Proffing Project

WATERSHED Development – 2
Working Area :Block and District, Kariyapatti & Virudhunagar, Name of the PFA,SEEDS

Erumaikulam Watershed

WATERSHED Development – 3
Erumaikulam Watershed Project in Narikudi block, Virudhunagar district under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

YearName of the ProjectDonorTotal Cost Received (Rs)Results Achieved
2013 to 2019Pisindi Alagiyanallur WatershedNABARD,TAWDEVA11,654,150/-Soil & Water Conservation 1123.30 H.A
2013 to 2014Management of Alagianallur&Nanthikundu
Watershed Development Programme
NABARD284,800/-Capacity Building on Soil   & Water Conservation of Around 600 Farmers.
2017 to 2019Climate Proofing WtershedNABARD4,997,181/-Soil & Water Conservation in 1123.30 HA
2018 to 2019Erumaikulam
Watershed CBP
NABARD VA TECH & WABAG1,140,500/-Soil & Water Conservation 107.75 HA
2019Eluvani watershed Pre CBPNABARD Sanctioned & Yet to ReceiveSoil & Water Conservation 100 HA
2019VadakkuPuliyampatti watershed Pre CBPNABARDSanctioned & Yet to ReceiveSoil & Water Conservation 100 HA
2019PillaiyarThottiyankulam watershed Pre CBPNABARDSanctioned & Yet to ReceiveSoil & Water conservation 100 ha