The Hunger Project

THP activities are also categorized under women Empowerment by SEEDS. THP emphasis in ending poverty through empowering women. In the year 2013, SEEDS associated with THP, carried out programmes on mobilizing and capacitating EWR Elected Women Representatives of local bodies. The EWRs are facilitated in building their leadership, administering village panchayat, drafting perspective plan and interfacing with government officials for better mobilization of funds and other resources for their village panchayats.

THP sanctions SWEEP – Strengthening Women’s Empowerment in the Electoral Process. The Government of Tamil Nadu announced that 50% of reservation to women in local bodies’. In this context the role of SEEDS is involved in strengthening women’s political participation. The EWR’s joined together and formed their own federation namely ‘Muzhakam‘. It is a platform functioning at Union, District and State level for making Intervention to End Violence Against Women (VAW), to influence policy making on women, and decentralization of power.


Major Activities Under THP

  • Federation Meetings
  • Need based Workshop
  • Interface With Officials
  • Media Workshop
  • Convention
  • Violence Against Women Campaign
  • SWEEP - Village meet, Potential Leaders meet, Campaign, Media Workshop and Convention.