SEEDS Promoted FPO’S proud to be in the mix of Recognitions

IT Amaze we are specially noticed by varios top organazations

SEEDS is accredited by Credibility Alliance - India- 2011.

VIRUTHAI Millet FPCL - The first FPO - got the supply order for their Value-added millet based nutritive snacks to the Honorable members of Tamil Nadu State Legislative Assembly - 2018.

SEEDS RI/POPI Promoted FPCs- Ramanathapuram, Seeds, Viruthai, Ramanar&Vizhuthugal have obtained the equity grant of Rs 10 lakhs per FPCL from SFAC, New Delhi.

SEEDS RI Promoted -Viruthai, Srivilliputhur, Ramanathapuram, seeds & Madurai FPCs have been sanctioned with the value addition machinery grant from the Government for Seed Processing, storage facility&millets, pulses value addition units under MSDA & NADP for the year 2018.

SEEDS Resource Institution initiated a Project with Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundation (BRLF), New Delhi - 2018-21 on “Improving market readiness of Smallholder farmers practicing Non-Pesticide Management of Agriculture” & to develop a Consortium of 22 network partners in 8 states of India-working with 1 lakh farmers to practice NPM.

SEEDS RI is a District Level Scrutiny Committee member, Virudhunagar district- for selection of existing FPOs for business expansion support under TNIAMP- Nov-2018..